SCOTLAND | Part 1 of Wedding Anniversary trip

Wanted to do a post about our Scotland and Ireland trip we just got back from to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

Flight to Glasgow 8.12.13

We got on our flight headed to Amsterdam around 6 PM, and took off, and then after flying 1.5 hours, we turned back around to Seattle. Long story short, we checked into a hotel at 2AM, and our flight left at 12:30 the next day. Not the ideal start to a vacation, but there are worse things. Hey, I got a Doubletree Cookie out of it.

Landed in Glasgow + Drove to Edinburgh 8.13.13
Since our flight was delayed, we lost our car reservation (automatic + nav), so we had to find another car company and didn't have Navigation... just maps - that made it so much fun ;). We drive to Edinburgh, about a 1.5 hour ride. Oh! And Pat's luggage was lost. We had our first beer of the trip while we waited for our room, and then passed the heck out for a few hours. We made ourselves get up and went on a walk then to dinner. 

Drive to St. Andrews + Stirling 8.14.13
We got up early and made our way to St. Andrews. We arrived before any tour bus, and we took a stroll by the 18th hole, and then onto the castle and cathedral. We had lunch in a little square, and then made our way to Stirling. On the way, we found the cutest farmshop on the side of the road, called Muircot Farmshop. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. I fell in love with the shop and the view of the Ochil Hills. Then we headed to Stirling, to visit Stirling Castle, William Wallace Monument, and the Stirling Bridge. 

Last Day in Edinburgh 8.15.13
We had breakfast next door to the "Elephant House" where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. We were up and about so we could be the first tourists at Edinburgh Castle. After Edinburgh Castle we went to Lovecrumbs, which I found online before we left and had to go and have tea and sweets - not to mention their site says "You Hoo". So I was sold. After Lovecrumbs we headed to Glasgow, and stopped in a town called Campsie, Stirlingshire to see where Pat's side of the family the "Kincaids" were from. 

Back to Glasgow 8.15.13 (same day as above)

We got back to Glasgow in time to check into our hotel, and rest for a few minutes, then get into a cab to take us to BellaHouston Park to see Kings of Leon. It was amazing, and to be in Scotland was amazing. Best Anni gift I could ask for, Pat and all the men of KOL - Loved it!

Highland Tour from Glasgow 8.16.13
We booked a tour to take us up to the Highlands. It was beautiful. Driving through Loch Leven, the Highlands - stopping at Glen Coe, then up to Loch Ness, Inverness, then down through Pitlochry (my fav little town - all Victorian architecture). 

Last day in Scotland 8.17.13 
We woke up and headed to a cafe Pat found, Kember + Jones, it was so beautiful and delicious. After we headed to the train station, took a train to Ayr, then to Cairnryan to catch a ferry to Belfast, Northern Ireland. 


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