david downton...watercolor illustrator

Came across David Downton's work while doing a search for Cate Blanchett. His work is just lovely. I have become a huge fan and would love to someday have a portrait done (fat chance). Enjoy.



1960's bombshell...ewa aulin

she is a swedish actress that appeared in some American and French films. love her.


kate moss + vogue + tim walker = masterpiece

kate moss poses at the Ritz Paris, for a fantasy shoot with my favorite photographer, Tim Walker. Coco Chanel used to live in the Ritz - check the 2nd photo. This is so fun! I wish i was there. This will go on stands in the april issue of Vogue. Enjoy!



guerrilla painting in berlin...love

I might be the last one to see this, but this is pretty awesome. bikers dropped eco-friendly paint in the intersections and it created a street art masterpiece. So beautiful!



lovin on some etsy...check these artists out

1. Bonjour Frenchie

2. Contrast Canvas (my roomy Brooke Ready just ordered this print- i love it)

3. Parrot Design Studio (cute wedding card)

4. Namuwana (cute handmade clock)

5.  Olsen Vintage Market (great stuff here)

modern beauty...Jennifer Lawrence

love jennifer lawrence. she was amazing in winter's bone last year, she now stars in the Hunger Games (not out yet). I also just watched her in Like Crazy. She is so beautiful, and i love her style.