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happy saturday. I just finished up a martha stewart craft, see below! A few pointers I will say - curved trays are hard! When cutting custom acrylic or glass, note that curved edges are more pricey to cut. The Super 77 adhesive spray is very sticky, and gets on your fingers.  Other than that its a great craft for your house and also gifts!

What you will need:
- baking tray (I used 12" x 18")
- material
- 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
- Custom cut glass or acrylic
- Felt
- Hot Glue ( is used this for the seams on the felt, to make sure it was glued down)

ps. sorry for friends who get these for christmas! I had to post!

                      My Tray:                                                              Martha Stewart Craft:                                                                       



 Cut the fabric to cover your tray. I left about 3-4 inches on each side.

 Cut your felt the size of the bottom of the tray. I ironed out the felt too.

I got caught up with spraying, because you have a limited amount of time to get the fabric on the baking tray.  Fast forward to the finished product. 

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