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this is my first post for my new section on DIY. its going to be called boston n.6 (my apt). I decided to make pillows for my house and felt driven to sew them on a machine and add a zipper. so i did some research and with some help from my mom, i did it. the pillows are definitely not perfect, but i would say pretty good given my first time. read below for directions!

What you will need:
- sewing machine
- fabric for pillow
-fabric for trim
- zippers
- scissors
1. step is sewing the trim. I cut out 2" strips of fabric for the trim.
 Then i sewed the ends together to make a continuous strip.

2. Pin the trim to the fabric, simply folding in half.

3. Sew the trim. I set my needle so it was as close to the trim as possible. 
BUT the second time I centered my needle so one the final stitches for all the layers, 
i could just have one seam that was very tight.

4. cut your pillow fabric. My pillows were 18" x 19" so i cut them 19" x 20", leaving 1/2" on all sides.
 Once cut i did a zig zag stitch around all the edges.

5. since i wanted my zipper to be diagonal  on the back, i folded the back piece of fabric in half, ironed a crease,  
and then cut (doesn't have to be perfect)

6. sew the pieces together ( make sure its the bad sides against each other). Iron the seam out so it is flat. I made sure to leave about 1/2" on each side. 
7. lay the zipper flat on the seam, make sure its the face down on the seam. My mom taught me to tape the zipper down too. It helps keep the zipper straight and an easier way to follow where to guide your sewing needle.

8. change your regular foot to the zipper foot. i sewed right along the left side of the tape.

10. now that you have the zipper completed, pin all your layers. The trim needs to be pinned in the middle. Then, sew the layers together. I kept my zipper foot on the machine, so i could get as close to the trim as possible. This i think is the best way to do it.

YOUR DONE! Turn it inside out and stuff the pillow!

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