1960's bombshell...natalie wood

russian born american film actress, best known for her roles on Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story. she died in a drowning accident off Catalina Island. LA County reopened the case on Nov. 17th 2011. May she get the justice she deserves. What a Beauty- R.I.P.


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jessica illustration...love love love

i am in love with jessica illustration. she is on etsy, and i want all the watercolor prints. great gift idea.


1960's bombshell...ursula andress

ursula andress, swiss actress and sex symbol. most known for her role as the "bond girl". She won a Golden Globe for James Bond Dr. No. 


boston n.6 ... DIY... homemade wrapping paper

hi there. my best friend sarah just got married, and i wanted to make homemade wrapping paper. So i did... i used a custom potato stamp, craft paint, and USPS parcel paper. Total cost was approx: $5.00 +tax. pretty easy process. i have laid out the steps in photographs. It took about 20 minutes total, depending on how large of a surface you have to stamp, you may have to produce in sections. I recommend doing the paper a day before the wrapping, that way its completely dry!