celeste cooning...cut paper artist

Celeste Cooning is a Seattle artist who specializes in paper cut art, I had her as a teaching assistant at UW. She is my favorite person. Her art is seen in installations around the PNW and also at weddings and wedding expos. below is her artist statement:

A pervading interest in pattern and ornamentation led me to explore the medium of cut paper. Working with cut paper facilitates a particular responsiveness to materiality, shape, light, and physical space. These pieces demand a particular fluidity and attention to detail, which cannot be accomplished in haste. The hand-cut nature is an important aspect of the work, necessitating mindfulness within the process. For me, this way of making permits breath amidst the rigors of daily life. Ideally, the work exudes this same breath when experienced. These ideas are an extension of my philosophical beliefs regarding humanity, modern culture, and the eternal need for the human spirit to work.

visit her site here: celeste cooning



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