Robin Hound- Prince of Thieves

This halloween I hand made Roy, my rescued redbone coonhound's, Robin Hood costume. He was very patient with me between fittings. He loves wearing hats, which makes dressing him up a bunch of fun.


house of harlow 1960

I love Nicole Ritchie's Line - House of Harlow 1960. 

Here is some examples of her jewelry line. Shop at Shopbop and Kitson


lookbook sight- right up my alley

http://lookbook.nu/ is an awesome sight. 

All the fashionistas around the world can upload their fashion looks

Magpie's Cakes

i have fallen in love with the cakes from Magpie's Cakes

She designs these beautiful creations out of Washington DC.



beautiful scarves

These chic scarves are great. i want all of them...

First Post!

This is my first post! I am excited. This is Roy my beloved Redbone Coonhound dressed up last halloween as Sherlock Roy.